i remember it took a while to start this collection because i was worried about making mistakes and i was so concerned with making this line what everyone else wanted. and because of that my ideas were scattered.
That was until I saw a tv ad narrated by Ray Lewis that under armour, released almost a decade earlier, which brought back all of the emotions of being athlete. i not only remembered the ways i'd stay motivated,  and the hours spent grinding, but I felt the rush of chasing a dream again.
it then became clear that this needed to be about the athlete and their chase.
it began with listening to as many high school and college athletes as i could. pinning their words up here so i could physically see what their mentality was. it was clear they were all hungry: it didn't how many offers they had, or how many stars they had.
no matter what there's always more work to be done and more people to prove wrong. so to match the rawness and intensity that they had i spent the following weeks with a paint brush and charcoal making almost every graphic by hand.  

pattern developed with the UA print and pattern team using my sketches and paintings.

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